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Poet, Freelance Writer, Naturalist

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver
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About Me

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Haiku Blog: BOOK of DAYS

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Natural History Columns


I am a poet and writer with a special focus on landscape and the natural world. For me, joy often comes in the form of hours spent in the field birding, an experience I love to share with others as a nature guide and through my writing.



Next to the budding stubs of milkweed pods,
a monarch caterpillar—striking with its stripes
of black and yellow—chews away on the noxious
leaves, making itself poisonous, while a dozen butterflies
flit around my head, casting some kind of spell
on me as their tiger orange wings slowly beat
against the summer heat, those wings also toxic,
so when they’re migrating hundreds of miles south
and a falcon grabs one in midair, the bug will taste
so bitter the bird will spit it out and let it flap
a little farther down the coast to visit another field
like this one and revive on nectar, its bold wings
a bit tattered now—and you’ll be walking past it
paused on an aster and see that it’s a male, 
two tiny glands visible on its upper hind wings,
and then ponder for a moment toxicity and death,
metamorphosis and pheromones, those small, great
mysteries, before continuing along with your net.

(c) Kristen Lindquist